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Encore's dance classes are held at the Comstock Community Center (180 School Rd, Wilton, CT 06897). Our classes are designed specifically for each age group: Preschool through High School. We offer weekly dance classes (22 lessons per year); no auditions are required. Dancers are divided by age group to allow for maximum confidence and self-esteem building. The goal of our dance school is life-balance. Our dancers, spend one hour/week in the studio and are able to perform in professionally produced performances. We find that our kids appreciate being able to participate in other extracurriculars AND fit dance and performing into their busy schedules.  We begin our dance year in September and finish by the end of March/early April to accommodate Spring sport schedules. Some of our dancers come to us as budding artists while others come purely for the fun of it!

Creative Tots (Ages 3-4) & Pre-K Kids (Ages 4-5):
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This introduction to dance is designed to give your child a taste of ballet, jazz, and creative movement, while honing basic listening skills.  Emphasis is placed on basic dance skills, rhythm, creative expression and fun dance routines. Dancers will learn in a playful, imaginative and non-competitive environment. Pre-K Kids will also begin learning basic dance terminology. Our youngest dancers are invited to perform in the Spring Revue.

All-Girl Jazz/Theater/Hip-Hop (kindergarten through 12th grade):

Our all girl classes combine Jazz, Theatre Dance and Hip-Hop. Building on each year’s physical development, dancers will continue to augment their technique and learn choreography to everything from Broadway and movie tunes to current music selections.

Boys Hip-hop (Kindergarten through 5th grade):

Hip-Hop is a fun, upbeat style of dance. Dancers will enjoy learning Hip Hop techniques and stylization while dancing to their favorite songs in an age-appropriate manner. By joining this class, your free styling will improve, your attention to detail in the music you listen to will increase, and your personality will shine. Class will focus on proper conditioning and warm-up, individualized isolated body movements, and high-energy combinations.

Musical Theater/Westcoast Swing (9th-12th Grade):

Dancing as couples, we build on basic ballroom skills learning choreographed numbers to current music and show tunes. The kids gain confidence in their dancing ability in the hopes that they will utilize this valuable and fun life skill to enhance their enjoyment at parties, dances and weddings for their entire lives. Additionally, Musical Theater dance is a great way to round out anyone who aspires to make Theater their career. Lastly, it's a great workout!

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